Siemens TIA Portal training in Madrid

Last week we attended a Siemens TIA Portal update course in Siemens Madrid. We have been seeing new installations with projects under TIA Portal and the new plc’s, so we felt it was time to spend some time learning about the new era software for Siemens automation platform.

Some of the good things of TIA Portal are:

  • Total integration of plc and hmi in the same project. The killer app is not having everything under the same file, but use the plc variables in the hmi configuration. This saves a lot of time and errors when developing!
  • The S7-1500 series stores the symbols and comments in the CPU
  • TIA Portal is though to be used with symbolic operators, so there is no need to address variables in absolute mode
  • Better management of memory, specially in Data Blocks and FB
  • The new plc’s work on ethernet, so there is no need for a special cable to communicate

Some bad things of TIA Portal:

  • Price tag! 1800 euros for a Pro license that does not include 100% of packages like Safety, Graph, etc
  • It is not possible to translate from KOP to AWL and viceversa, why?
  • Still having the same issues of Step7 with Service Packs and problems with operating systems
  • A 15″ screen is small to handle all the sub-windows inside the main window

Do you still have old S5 and S7 systems?

It is time to migrate to the new S7 and because S7-1200 is more powerful than S5 and some S7-300, you can make the migration on the cheap. A new S7-1200 plc is bellow 600 eur and can be easily expanded with digital and analog IO, as well as communications with Profibus, ASI, etc.

TINERMAQ is one of the only companies that can help you to migrate Step5 and Step7 systems in Tenerife, so please call us to help you.